Coffee violet cocktail

Basic idea: St George coffee liqueur + creme de violette = tasty

2oz whiskey 
3/4 oz lemon
1/3oz coffee liqueur
1/3oz creme de violette

Well balanced. Tangy but not sour. Not overly sweet.
Coffee mostly drowned. Violette completely drowned.
Lemon prominent.

Used a fairly dry whiskey. Better with sweet? (bourbon? Rum instead?)
With whiskey and bitterness of coffee, is lemon needed?
More coffee and violette vs citrus?

Take 2:
2oz bourbon
1/3oz coffee liqueur
1/3oz creme de Violette
2 dashes orange bitters

Interesting and well balanced, but coffee and Violette fight.

Basically a Revolver with Violette replacing some of the coffee.

Violette + orange bitters may warrant further investigation :-)