Reverse sear

Preferred method, best results - juicy and very tender even at medium, quick sear so easier to hit medium rare.

Kenji for full details.

For 1 1/2–Inch Steaks in a 250°F (120°C) Oven:

DonenessTarget temperature (oven)target temperature (final)time in oven
Medium-Rare115°F (46°C)130°F (54°C)25 to 30 minutes

Don’t know if it’s my oven or Kenji’s estimates but it usually takes significantly longer than 30 minutes to reach 115°F, even for a steak only 1” thin. Recommend ~45 minutes and measuring.

Also Kenji recommends only 45 seconds per side to sear, but it’s never that quick for me. Try cooking to 110 in oven?

Generally the steak seems to gain a few degrees of doneness between me measuring it and serving it. Target 5 degrees lower - 125°F for medium rare